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I created Magnus Star Healing with the intent to assist and support, and empower individuals through their questions, concerns, and personal healing process in a safe and comfortable environment.  I incorporate a powerful combination of Mind/Body techniques, Gestalt Therapy, Spiritual Counseling, Sound and Crystal Grids, Channeling, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Hypnosis/Quantum Healing, Chakra Balancing, Therapeutic Touch and Multi-Dimensional Healing.


I work closely with each client to determine the type of healing needed and customize my services to ensure we work on all the layers they need for growth. 

I love working with Starseeds and helping them remember their origins as well as providing a platform for them to go into past or future lives and work through any significant blocks that may keep them from moving forward.


Do you desire to meet your higher self and/or spiritual guides?

Do you want to know what your soul purpose is or where your Star-Family may have come from?

Do you have any questions about career, love life, relationships or departed loved ones? 

Learn to access these answers through empowering self, connecting to Source, and supported by Magnus Star Healing as a guide.

Check out one of my Multi-Dimensional Sessions:

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All Videos

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